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V V,LabVIEW™ DLL Driver for ADLINK DAQ/DAQe/PXI Series Cards D2K-VEE V V,VEE™ Interface DAQe/DAQe PCI. ADLINK PCI series are CH, bit, high resolution multi-function DAQ Cards. The PCI VEE™ Interface for ADLINK DAQ Cards. PCIS-VEE. ADLINK delivers robust software support for their comprehensive line of DAQ cards in a variety of form factors: PCI VEE™ Interface for ADLINK DAQ Cards.

Drivers for ADLINK D2K-VEE

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DAQCreator delivers a cost-effective solution for high-speed data logging applications. All company names appearing herein are trademarks or trade names of their respective owners. Save the shipping materials and carton for future storage or shipping purposes. The card should be placed on a grounded anti-static mat. The operator should wear an anti-static wristband, grounded at the same point as ADLINK D2K-VEE anti-static mat.


Inspect the card module carton for obvious damage. Shipping and handling may cause damage to the module. Ensure that there are no shipping and handing ADLINK D2K-VEE on the module before processing. After opening the card module carton, extract the system module and place it only on a grounded anti-static surface component side up. ADLINK D2K-VEE


Again, inspect the module for damage. Press down on all socketed ICs to make sure they are properly seated. Do this only with the module placed on a firm flat surface.

Do not apply power to the card if it has been damaged. Installation 21 2.

These system resource assignments are done on a board-by-board basis. It is not recommended that the system resource be assigned by any other method. Installation Procedures 1.

Drivers for ADLINK D2K-VEE

Turn off the computer. Turn off all accessories printer, modem, monitor, etc.

Remove the computer cover. Select a bit PCI slot.

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Before handling the PCI cards, discharge any static buildup on your body by touching the metal case of the computer. Hold the edge and do not touch the components. Position the board into the selected PCI slot. Secure the card in place at the rear panel of the system. ADLINK D2K-VEE 23 2.

ADLINK Technology NuDAQ PCIHR User`s manual

Isolated digital input channel n. Isolated digital output channel n.

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  • DAQ Software & Utility Quantel Pte Ltd

Common Ground or Common power of isolated input channels. Ground return path of isolated output channels.


Power supply of isolated ADLINK D2K-VEE channels. Common ground or common power of isolated input channels 8 to High input of isolated differential DI channel n.

ADLINK D2K-VEE Drivers for Windows Mac

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