Acard ANS-9010B Drivers Windows XP

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Acard ANS-9010B Driver

The ACARD ANS is the latest affordable ramdisk. Introduced in late , it has several features that put it several notches above the. RAM Disk supports unbuffer and non-registered, ECC / non-ECC DDR2 DIMM Overview ACARD RAM Disk is a solid state disk made up of DRAM memory. Internal SATA Cable 50cm ×1 (ANSBA). 15pin Data transfer rate up to MB/sec (ANSBA). 8GB (4x2GB) Memory for ACARD ANS

Acard ANS-9010B Driver

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Acard ANS-9010B Driver

While flash memory cells retain their data when the Acard ANS-9010B is cut, DRAM is volatile, so it does not.

Acard ANS-9010B Driver for Windows 7

To keep DRAM data intact, you have to keep the chips juiced. Instead of being tucked away in an internal hard drive bay, it slides into an external 5.

ACard's ANS-9010 Serial ATA RAM disk

The Acard ANS-9010B front panel has a few ventilation slits and is littered with indicator lights for power, drive access, and battery life. ACard equips the ANS with a 7. Acard ANS-9010B battery was able to keep 16GB of memory powered for more than four Acard ANS-9010B, which isn't nearly good enough if you want to turn your system off at night, but more than enough to get through the occasional reboot or hardware upgrade.

For those who would rather not trust a battery with preserving their data, the ANS also features a CF card slot up front.

ACARD ANSBA '' Dynamic SSD SATA x1 RAM Disk (Ram Modules Not Included) eBay

With the push of a button, the drive can back up or restore the contents of its memory to a flash card. This backup capability might seem like a small thing, but it Acard ANS-9010B improves the RAM disk's usability in the real world. ACard quotes a CF backup time of 21 minutes Acard ANS-9010B 34 seconds for a 32GB configuration and a restore time of just over 14 minutes for the same config. ACard says module densities up to 8GB are supported, bringing the drive's total capacity potential up to an impressive 64GB.

Keep in mind that 8GB memory modules are extremely expensive, though. For most folks, cost alone will limit the drive's Acard ANS-9010B capacity to 32GB or less. ACard doesn't yet list any 8GB modules on its memory compatibility listeither.

Acard ANS-9010B Drivers Windows XP

This leaves just enough room for modules with normal heatspreaders, although taller DIMMs may bump their heads on the 5. Hidden under a passive heatsink sits a FPGA chip that ACard has programmed to make the memory modules behave as a Acard ANS-9010B drive. As Intel's Xseries SSDs have illustrated, a good storage controller architecture can significantly improve performance.

ACard isn't saying much about the ANS's storage controller design, but we'll soon see whether it's made the most of Acard ANS-9010B prodigious bandwidth potential inherent to DDR2 memory.

We do know that ACard's storage and memory controller has at least one interesting trick up its sleeve—it's able Acard ANS-9010B split installed memory between two physical Serial ATA ports. And because solid-state storage is immune to the mechanical failures that Acard ANS-9010B running RAID 0 dicey with traditional hard drives, you don't have to Acard ANS-9010B about a head crash hosing the array.

Otherwise, there isn't much to see.

ACARD ANS Ramdisk Review

The drive pulls juice from a Acard ANS-9010B Serial ATA power cable, although it only seems to draw from the 12V line. Introduced in lateit has several features that put it several notches above the i-RAM. Here are the specs from the Manufacturer Product Page: The box contains: The front of the unit has a power indicator, activity indicators for each sata channel, and a battery level indicator.

There are 2 buttons for restoring and backing up the ramdisk contents Acard ANS-9010B a Compact Flash memory card.

There is a sticker on the top of the unit that shows various jumper configurations. Note the sticker that says "Reserved". Under the Acard ANS-9010B you can see the jumper configurations disabling Acard ANS-9010B enabling ECC mode. I assume this is for if non-ECC memory is used. Inside you can see the 8 memory slots and backup battery.

The battery is disconnected during shipping. Here is the unit fully loaded. ANS Performance This ramdisk is a very high performance product.

It is so fast you may run into performance issues if Acard ANS-9010B hardware cannot support the latest SATA standard. These "issues" simply mean that you cannot utilize all the performance the ANS can provide.

The ANS allows you to connect the ramdisk to your computer via 1 or 2 serial ports. In the dual port configuration each drive appears as a 8 GB disk. To use the ramdisk's full speed you need to have some type Acard ANS-9010B RAID.

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